Thursday, November 6, 2008

Did You Know?

Did you know that our President only has limited powers? He or she has the power to:

  • Serve as Commander and Chief to the Army, Navy, and State Militias
  • Grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States
  • Make treaties with the advice and consent of of the Senate with the consent of 2/3rds of the present Senate
  • Nominate Federal Judges, Ambassadors, Consuls, and other Officers of the United States (supposedly "by and with the advice and consent of Senate")

However, the Congress can vest more power in our President by granting him the authority to appoint people to inferior Offices.

It would be unconstitutional of him to make decisions or do things outside of the power alloted to him. Thus, our President must work within the Constitutional limits of power as outlined above.


Kelly said...

That's good to know. A little more comforting :-) I appreciate these "Did you know" blogs, by the way.

Ashli said...

I'm glad you're enjoying it Kelly! I think it's easier to learn things about our Constitution in small chunks. And what would be more timely now to learn about other than our President's constitutional limits???

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, our gov't is spending a lot less time knowing and obeying it's own laws.

(Hey Ashli! I just started looking at blogs again after about a year. I'm glad you still keep up with yours-- I'll have to check in more often.)

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