Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rosslyn Chapel Adventure

Saturday we ventured south of Edinburgh to Rosslyn Chapel. Sadly, these pictures do not reveal the beauty of this cathedral whatsoever!!! We were not allowed to take pictures inside -- and the inside was definitely the most breath-taking portion of our adventure. Built in the mid-1400's, Rosslyn has a distinct French flair to its interior. Most cathedrals in this area are gothic and made of gray stone. Rosslyn's interior is constructed of a lighter stone. The Chapel has experienced recent notoriety as it was the zenith of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code.


Jeffrey said...

the secret lies beneath the rose. did you find it?

and nice use of the word zenith. that's a great word.

Ashli said...

Haha! You make me laugh Jeffrey!

Mrs. B said...

I love your thoughts and your pictures! You'll be home soon. Keep up the good work!

J. Jill said...

I love those sweet pictures. Cute curls!! I'm so excited that we're on for brunch in January!!!

mary caroline said...

oooh...what a neat place to visit! you look so pretty in the pictures :)

Nicki and Don said...

I was looking at your blog today (at school - shame on me) and one of my students (1st graders) said "where are you in that picture?" i said "oh, that's not me, that's my friend" he said "you look alike"

It brought a huge smile to my face, as that was the best compliment i could get! And it made me miss you!! We are so meeting up when you make it back!

Ashli said...

Haha! That's great Nicki! Who was it my freshman year that said "ok... so don't speak to me Nicki!!" ??? Too funny :)

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