Thursday, November 27, 2008


On this my second Thanksgiving Day in Scotland, I have so much to be grateful for ... a devoted and virtuous husband, a loving and supportive family, a great community of wonderful friends (on two continents!), God's gracious provision .... there's so many blessings I could list. From our home to yours, have a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving.

- Ashli


Kelly said...

And a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Last night was wonderful! The church and its members were adorable and so kind. It was so good to see your mom and dad! I have missed hearing him speak SO much! And we are so proud of him! :-)

Kelly said...

And a happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Last night was wonderful. The people were so very sweet and opened him with open arms, which was nice to see. We have missed hearing him SO much! It was so good to see and speak to your mom and dad again! We are so very proud of them, and they deserve all the good in the world.

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