Friday, November 7, 2008

A Healthy Recommendation

When we first moved to Scotland last year, I felt like I got sick every other week. I chocked it up to moving to a new country ... surely I was being exposed to new germs my body didn't have defenses against. Our constant use of public transport probably contributed to the off and on "bug" as well.
Well, I have now successfully steared clear of two different colds my husband has had since we've been back from our summer holiday. I'm completely convinced it's due to my daily vitamin regimen. Sadly, I don't know the exact name of what I'm taking. I bought if at GNC and the little packets came in a box --so as anyone who's traveling internationally would, I got rid of all the extra packaging. However, I can tell you that it comes in a 30 day supply purple box and that each packet contains two very large blue horse-sized pills (that I occassionally gag on), one beige pill, and another capsule pill. Oh yah -- it's also just for women. Whatever is in it works fantastic! Not only have I not gotten sick (which just writing this post will now likely mean I'll get the flu and have it for weeks .... because how long can a good thing last???) ... but ....... I feel great!
So, if you were looking for just the right vitamin regimen, let your hunt end. I think you'll be happily satisfied with this solution.

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Scott and Jenn said...

Prenatal vitamins are the best too! I haven't been sick since I first got pregnant with Wyatt!

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