Friday, November 28, 2008

When Black Friday is Not Spent at Green Hills or Opry Mills Mall

What could Black Friday possibly look like when not taking place at either of the two above institutions???

Well, for starters -- it starts slow and late. I was not up at 5 am scurrying out the door for the latest and greatest deals with 1.2 million of my closest friends and neighbors.

Second of all -- since there were 1.2 million less shopping on Black Friday in Scotland, there were zilch crowds. Which, made my shopping this morning quick and pleasurable. I've never stopped by so many stores in such a short amount of time. This is nothing short of a miracle on Princes Street. In turn, I actually made a purchase ... another thing that verges on the side of miracles ... because I never buy things here. And I mean never. (All purchases can be totalled on one hand).

Next, I made a stop at the German Market and the Highland Market. I bought a German pretzel and wandered through the maze of vendors. Good fun!

And now? I'm working! Not too exciting ... but we do have good friends coming over this evening for leftovers. I feel a bit guilty about this because our friends coming over have more leftovers than we do .... and I think I could very well drive my friend nuts by sending her a thousand and one emails about food for tonight (guilt-ridden emails??) ... I hope this dear friend does not go dearly nuts because of me. I digress .......

I do hope you're enjoying your Black Friday! I will be in America for Box Day... oh that flight back over the pond is approaching .... yay!

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