Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday!

Hello dear friends ~

It's Friday! As my sister would say: "Whoot. Whoot!"

A few more items of importance:

1. Dare I say it ..... it's almost hot here! And it's not raining. Marvy!

2. I'm ready for a relaxing and fun weekend.

3. I discovered where to get French macarons in Edinburgh: L'ascargot Epicerie on Broughton Street.

That would be me in Paris last summer. The macarons in Edinburgh are not quite so large. But they do exist!!!

4. MBA and I recently tried Korean food. I wanted to try the kimchi but didn't. Wimp?

5. Other happenings this week:  MBA was also informed by an Armenian man running a pizza shop that he has lost his American accent. What?!?! But -- don't you worry -- he told me that I still sound very American. So rest easy!

6. Last but not least: 

This was the view off the back of the ferry from the Netherlands to England

This is the boat we were on:
I actually slept on that thing! A miracle indeed!

Coming into the harbor at Newcastle

Check out our luxurious room! We were high rolling.

The beautiful surroundings where we boarded the boat. Kidding! It was so industrial!

Hanging out on the top deck. They were trying to ooze a Caribbean cool vibe -- I'm not so sure it was working. Check out those sweaters and jackets.

More beautiful views!

The route between Amsterdam and Newcastle is highly trafficked. We passed plenty of other boats along the way.

Entering Newcastle

Now who wants to nominate MBA and me as candidates for the Amazing Race???


Christine Z said...

Didn't I mention that Manna House does macaroons? They're only about 1 inch diameter, but AMAZING. Not baked every day so before you make the long trip to our side of town I can pop up and check if they've backed them that day. :) Thanks for the lovely picnic last night! Dominic slept all the way home.

Katie S Brown said...

Haha!! You guys should TOTALLY go on the Amazing Race. You would be fab.

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