Friday, June 18, 2010

What I'm Reading

Recommended to me by a friend who studied art history in college, I was hoping A Girl with a Pearl Earring would change my world like Sophie's World -- a brilliantly fascinating introduction to philosophy told in the form of a novel. While missing that mark, the book was indeed fascinating. It explored the tension of  Protestants' and Catholics' view of art in a burgeoning artist community in post-Reformation Holland.  The book is a historical fiction work speculating about the background of Vermeer's painting 'A Girl with a Pearl Earring.' Lively and creative, I recommend it for your reading list.

Only a few chapters in, it's already the kind of book I don't want to put down. The author is a graduate of Orson Scott Card's writers boot camp. Now that has to be intense! Set in Seattle during World War II, so far the book seems to be telling the story of two outcast children: one a Chinese immigrant; the other, a Japanese immigrant. Unlikely friends but with a united enemy, it should be interesting to see how the friendship blossoms and how they deal with discrimination during that difficult period of American history.

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Amanda Rivera said...

My sister just recommended Hotel at the it at the library here? I'll have to put it on my request list. Did I loan you my copy of Pearl Earring? I'm thinking I should re-read it before book club because I am realizing that I cannot recall a single thing about it. Other than I think I liked it....

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