Monday, June 14, 2010


My dear Grandaddy told me on Friday (also his 81st birthday) that he wanted more pictures on the blog -- so here you go Grandaddy! My weekend in pictures from my mobile camera:

First up: Afternoon Tea with Trudy and Henry
My dear friend Trudy is moving back to the states in just a few weeks. She's such a kind, thoughtful, intelligent woman (and a really good mama to Henry!). I'm really going to miss our time together!

Look at Baby Henry checking out those treats! He was such a good, happy baby!

Next up - a Bollywood film was being shot in the courtyard of New College. I really wanted to see some dancing, but alas .....

It was probably a good thing I didn't see any dancing, because they might not have gotten me to leave. I think you would have seen me in the next Bollywood hit. (Jai Ho anyone???)

Then that night, forgot to take a picture of our evening out with Scotty & Rebecca. Oops!

Saturday morning I had brunch with my favorite six year old:
Miss Emerson is one of three precious children of my friend Rachael -- the last of which is only one week old today! Over pancakes, Emerson and I talked about pirates, Disney, our favorite princess, and jewelry. She was quite disappointed to find out all of my jewelry was not given to me by my husband. She said, "Well at least he could buy you some shoes and sweaters." Well said Emerson! Haha!

I have another missing photo. Saturday evening we had a great time at Derek & Katie's watching the America v. England game of the World Cup. I'm pleased America tied with England. I can totally deal with that! It's so fun watching the World Cup from a country obsessed with football.

After church on Sunday, we had lunch at Chez Jules with our friend Tom who practices neurology. We talked about light-hearted things like the brain and consciousness. And renting cars in Munich and driving very long distances -- some go to Amsterdam, others go to Slovenia and around the Balkans.
Here's Looking at You Kid!

Then Sunday evening MBA and I heard the Royal Scottish National Orchestra at Usher Hall.

While difficult to tell from the picture, this is a pretty impressive hallway at Usher Hall:
It's also been recently refurbed. Back in the day, King George was there to help lay the first stone at Usher Hall. 

The interior of Usher Hall:

We saw the Royal Scottish National Orchestra perform New York, New York with American conductor Jeff Tyzik. He was a blast! And of course, the orchestra is so talented. I'm an official convert to Gershwin now! (And I think the soundtrack to my life -- if I was choosing one -- might be Piazzolla inspired tango music). The orchestra also played Duke Ellington, Leonard Bernstein, Astor Piazzolla, Jelly Roll Morton, and five pieces composed by Tyzik himself.   My favorite piece of the night was Gershwin's Cuban Overture, while MBA's favorite was Gershwin's American in Paris.

Music makes my heart glad, and I'm simply amazed at the joy musicians must experience while being part of the enterprise of making symphonic music. It must be so moving to them!

This upcoming week is set to be a busy and exciting one. The film festival starts Wednesday, and we already have tickets to go to one show. The Leith Festival is already going on, and I'm ready to go explore that little but spirited festival. 

I hope you and yours had a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday!!!

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