Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pull Out the Tivo

We just moved. Once again. It has to be the last time we move while living in Edinburgh. I insist! Anyway, we're without internet once again -- so this post will be short and sweet. But I do have two things to share. 

First of all, this show premieres on the Sundance channel this evening, and I wish I could watch. It looks so fun! Dream job maybe???

Keith Johnson is a buyer for Anthropologie, and he travels the globe finding interesting textiles, artifacts, and furniture for the stores. *Jealous*

This past Sunday evening we once again saw the Royal Scottish National Orchestra perform at Usher Hall. This time they featured Evelyn Glennie, an incredibly talented Scottish percussionist. An American composer who teaches at Juliard compared Glennie's genius to the likes of Chopin. A high compliment indeed!

As the world's first solo percussionist, I feel this video does not capture her talent very well ... but of all the videos out there, I didn't seem to come across one that demonstrated her ability. On Sunday night, she went form one xylophone to the next to a set of drums to a something else. So impressive!

I noticed that she didn't have shoes on, but I thought she was just a bit eccentric. Later on, I found out she didn't have shoes on because she's deaf and she feels the music. I don't even know how to wrap my brain around how incredible that is. If you want to learn more about Evelyn, you can visit her website here.

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