Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Weekends

Edinburgh is simply splendid during balmy and sunny summer days. (Notice the prerequisite: they must be "balmy" and "sunny" -- not simply "summer"!)  I have a new perspective on my Scottish life -- the summer is the absolute best time to be living it up in this Scottish capital. When the weather is nice here, there couldn't be a better place in the world! Cafes are spilling over into the streets. The best of the street entertainers have set up shop. And the sun on these gorgeous buildings just does me in! On top of all that, there's entertainment galore everywhere you look.

This past Friday evening, MBA and I headed out to Leith with a couple of our friends. We were intending to make it to the Leith Festival, but instead had a walk along on the water and ate at a gastropub, The Granary. At times I forget Edinburgh is on the water since we rarely get out to the shore. With the late summer nights, a walk along the water in the sunny, cool temps was absolutely perfect.

The weather on Saturday was absolutely brilliant, also. A rarity but I'll take it! While MBA worked, I ran a few errands, took in a few da Vinci's and Botticelli's at the National Gallery, and had lunch with some friends. That evening we picnicked in The Meadows -- a park in which we've taken full advantage. I could happily eat every dinner outside in the park all summer long!

Yesterday afternoon we even had tea outside at Eteaket, and it was hot! Almost too hot but somehow we managed to sip hot tea on quite a warm afternoon.

However, the absolute highlight of our weekend was seeing Sean Connery at a Special Gala for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. In honor of Sir Thomas Sean Connery's 80th birthday, the film festival held a special gala and showed the 1975 movie The Man Who Would Be King. Before the film, Connery took the stage and made more than a few comments. It was so fun to see him shoot off the cuff and just be himself. It was as if he was just having a chit-chat with the audience about his life in Edinburgh, doing this film, and the festival in general. I can definitely see why he is so well-loved. Saeed Jaffrey, who played Billy Fish in the film, was also there. He seemed to be a very good-spirited man, and he made some amusing and very kind comments.

While not the most brilliant shot, here's a picture of Sir Sean. He's the one on stage all the way to the left. His shirt looked like something from Tommy Bahama. There was no black tie for this red carpet event!

And here's the two of us on the red carpet before the big event: 
Good times! 

We're headed to another film festival event this evening. This time we're in store for a world premiere viewing. Last year I saw Hurt Locker at a premiere as part of the film festival. It would be fabulous to see another premiere of an award-winning film. Here's hoping!

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Dee said...

Ashli, I love the first shot of the lighthouse & sunset!

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