Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Spent at the Old Course

Today my husband is here:
The Old Course at St. Andrews

I surprised him with a ticket to the British Open for his birthday. For the past 24 hours, he's been pretty ecstatic. 
 Here's MBA with his dad at the Old Course back in November. Just taking a little practice swing!

Here we are on the famous 18th Hole.

What a way to spend a last birthday in your twenties! I am hoping he has an absolutely fabulous time. The rain hitting our sunlight makes me think I would not have had a fabulous time there. Ha! But he was sent off with waterproofs, extra layers of clothing, numerous granola bars -- and his accompanying friend was bringing no less than six American Smucker-style PB&J's. Sounds like the makings of a great birthday. 

I wish I could promise pictures, but cameras are not allowed. Neither are cell phones allowed. Had he brought his mobile, they would have confiscated it!

Three cheers to MBA! May he have the best birthday ever!

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Cbell said...

If he gets close to Zack Johnson, tell him to drop Brent's name. Zack is a wonderful man and a very strong Christian. He was instrumental in helping get Brent and Mike into Haiti so fast after the earthquake to get Katie Erie out of there. He is a great, great guy!!

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