Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Thought I'd Seen It All in Edinburgh .....

.... until this!
During the month of August, you can dine at 100 feet over Edinburgh in this flying contraption (it doesn't seem to have a name). The "luxury table" ascends into the air and rotates so that you and your 22 dining partners have panoramic views of the city while you lunch on "pressed pork and caramelised shallot terrine with baby capers and whole grain mustard." What I'm curious about is how this will work in the Scottish weather. They claim to have an "all-weather roof" but rain in Scotland doesn't fall directly down -- it blows vertically (the joys of living in Scotland!) -- hence, the need for wellies and goretex jackets and not just an umbrella. For more information, here is 'Festival in the Sky's" website.

So tell me -- would you be up for dining at the flying 22-person table? From the pictures it looks like your feet would be hanging, much like they would on certain kinds of roller coasters. Appetizing? Appealing? Do tell!


t marie said...

I saw this experience on television a couple of years ago. (It was in another city.)

I would definitely try it! Maybe not in the Scottish weather, but it looks fun otherwise.

Brittany said...

I would dine in an all glass room above the city, but not in what appears to be a rig hanging from a helicopter. Nuh uh.

scottybecca said...

Crazy! What to go to the "Light Lunch"???

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