Friday, July 30, 2010

Two Tasty Tidbits

This past weekend in the Cotswolds, we discovered several delightful things. Here are two that will interest your sweet tooth:

First of all, let me introduce you to Spot Loggins ice cream.

Spot Loggins is called the "supernatural dairy" -- and rightfully so. I've never tasted such delicious and rich vanilla ice cream. We were bragging to our friends about the delights of Scottish ice cream, especially Mackies. Their reply? Wait until you try Spot Loggins. And it's true. This ice cream hailing from the Vale of Evesham is a family-run business. Though generations old, the family still lives and works on the farm. If you're headed to the Cotswolds, make sure to have a bowl of Spot Loggins at the Fleece Inn -- the only pub owned and operated by the National Trust. (And if you try the asparagus flavor, let me know how that goes!)


Let me also introduce you to The Pudding Club.  Now this is a fun idea!  Allegedly called the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Pudding Club was founded in 1985 at the Three Ways Hotel. With a concern for the disappearing "British Pud," the Pudding Club was established to "raise the spoon to the British Pud." Here's how it works - the club hosts weekly meetings where anyone can join in by paying a fee and sampling all the pudding delights. A vote is later taken on the best pudding of the night. The Pudding Club now is quite the entity. It boasts a hotel, restaurant, recipe books, and products sold to Waitrose. Now that's a good excuse to go peruse the dessert aisle at Waitrose!

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