Friday, September 5, 2008

Politics, Shmolitics

It's only been a bit over a week since I've been on the left side of the pond ... yet ... I've been making a grave error in my speech. You must understand this one thing: I am surrounded by the English and Scots. All the reports I hear are British reports. (No Bill O'Reilly in these parts although they do air John Stewart on International CNN - simply weird!). Sarah Palin's candidacy as Republican Vice President nominee wasn't announced until I was back here in the UK, so I haven't heard Americans discussing her candidacy. So here's the truth. I have been pronouncing her name like this: Paul-in. Not Palin as in we were just "palling around." Yikes! And then I've been saying caraffe wrong, too. And probably giraffe. (And the reason I've been talking about a giraffe is because I have a crazy {rich} friend who is thinking of buying a giraffe). It's a good thing I haven't been calling myself Aaahhshli.


Sarah said...

Oh my Aaahhshli! Don't feel too bad. People here can't seem to pronounce her name correct either. On Wikipedia it says it's pronounced "Pale-in", nevertheless, I can't seem to stop saying "Pal-in" The english language is oh so complex.

Hilary said...

its pay lynn.

Ashli said...

Oh goodness. Seems like I've still been saying it wrong. Pay Lynn. Pay Lynn. Pay Lynn. Ok - got it!

RJM said...

Love it! Yes I've been corrected too...Hilary is right, it's Pay-lin. But, I'm sure the Brits are mispronouncing it too! Especially with the accent it would be hard to get it right. Looking forward to seeing you some time next week! Scotty and I get back next Thursday.

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