Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a Day!

Royal Society of Scotland
This guy invented algorithms.
Printing Press Demo
The Register

Look who I found in Edinburgh: Abe!

Matt's writing his dissertation on Hume, so of course his tomb was a bit interesting.

Robert Burn's Grave

Does anyone else do this? Whenever Matt and I travel, we completely exhaust ourselves -- we walk, and walk, and walk -- and explore, explore, explore. We just can't stop! And by the end of the excursion, I can hardly walk. Literally.

Today was definitely one of those days. I decided it was 'Act Like a Tourist Day' and whipped my camera out left and right. Being 'Open Doors Day,' we hit the following spots:

  • - Edinburgh World Heritage

  • - Wemyss House

  • - Royal Society of Edinburgh

  • - General Register House

  • - New Register House

  • - Old Calton Burial Ground

  • - Holyrood Palace

  • - Holyrood Abby Church

plus ....

In all our walking, I found not only another TK Maxx but a TK Maxx Home! No more Ikea for me. I'll take the Home Store please!

We had a blast. And now I'm sipping Whittards Earl Grey tea and wondering how I will ever make it off this couch tonight ....


t marie said...

That was an amazing day! Thanks for sharing the pics with us.

oswaldsinscotland said...

Katie just called me and told me that if I have any friends that want to see Edinburgh, I should just point them to your blog...since I am such a blogging slacker! Looks like you had a great Open Doors day...sadly my main interest on your list is TK Maxx home. How sad is that?! We will have to get together so you can show me where it is.

Ashli said...

Rachael - I'm ready! Let's go to the TK Maxx Home Store! It's also really, really big. I was so excited. :)

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