Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Highlights from Paris

Pantheon & Parisian Streets

Hanging in Montmatre

Gardens by Invalides

Busy Montmatre

The Seine & Notre Dame

(Like I even needed to tell you)

On the Seine

First Parisian Cafe

Shrimp Roll at Saigon on the Seine - a great little Vietnamese Restaurant by our Flat

Are we in Paris together???

Yes we are!!!

Dining Al Fresco with Fantastic Musicians Playing Classical Guitar (Divine!)

Mom enjoying the beautiful roses!

The Opera House

The Pantheon


Cbell said...

Yeah!!! The pictures are fabulous! Your mom and dad look great! I am so glad they got to visit you! AND a picture in front of the Opera house! WHOO HOO!!

Ashli said...

CB - that picture was specifically chosen with you in mind!

Cbell said...

Awww... Ashli... I feel so loved knowing my European friends were considering little ol' me! :)

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