Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scotland: Portobello Beach

Recently my friend Rebecca and I went to Portobello Beach, a suburb of Edinburgh. From city centre, you can catch a 26 Lothian bus and the next thing you know, you're seaside!
Our first stop in Portobello was at the town hall where we popped by the craft fair to support our friend Katie of Katie Kards. Katie makes super cute stationary!
One thing I love about Edinburgh is that there is an endless list of things happening around the city: a craft fair here, an antique market there, an art exhibit for the weekend ..... there's always so much available.
Next, we headed to the promenade for lunch at the Beach House Cafe where we split a sandwich AND dessert.... to-die-for toffee cake (in case you're interested!) 
Then we walked along the promenade and took in our Scottish beach!

Overall, a venture out to Portobello is a great little day trip out of the city!

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scottybecca said...

That was a lot of fun! :-)

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