Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Snippet

So how about a real update? Not some pictures from what we did .... say .... 2 months ago? Yes, I'm behind on blogging. I dislike complainers and those who constantly refer to the fact that they're behind. But, well ..... I'm behind on blogging. I'm not going to keep mentioning that. I promise. Anyway, life since Paris has actually kept marching right along.

This past weekend my brilliant hubby presented a paper at Cambridge on 18th Century Scottish stuff. This Scottish stuff included: Whigs & Torries, Patronage, Enthusiasm, & a lot of other brilliant stuff. He was also elected the post-graduate convener of the Society of Ethics for Great Britain. He's a go-getter I tell you! I'm very proud of his accomplishments!

I spent the weekend in Edinburgh hating the weather enjoying time well-spent with friends. Rebecca and I cooked up a storm Friday night. (Hat tip to my cousin Christina for some yummy Greek recipes!). I also brunched with Trudy on Saturday -- and when Trudy and I get to together, we have three hour teas, four hour brunches, etc. There's no such thing as a quick chat between the two of us! We brunched at Urban Angel which was nice but a bit too hyped up for what it delivers. Then to finish off a delightful weekend, Sunday night was spent at Inverleith Park with friends watching fireworks over the Edinburgh Castle. It was picturesque perfect!

Then, MBA returned super late Sunday night and yesterday we pretended we were actually participating in Labor Day by picking up grilled hamburgers on our way home from work. I hope your weekend was equally fun and delightful!

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Scott and Jenn said...

Congrats to MBA! I know you are so proud! He's a keeper!

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