Monday, September 7, 2009

Paris: I Spy ..... the Musee D'Orsay Version

The famous Musee d'Orsay clock!

This spectacular museum was originally a train station on the left bank of the Seine.

I spy ............ Fern!

(She loved it when I hacked into her Facebook account and made the above photo her profile pic. Ha!)
V.G. - couldn't you recognize his stuff anywhere?

A few Rodin's and other sculptures.

View from the Top Floor Terrace.

Not bad -eh?? Just the Louvre for some extra eye candy!

A painting of a painting. Whoah!

Always and forever will I love Degas and his ballerinas.

And who could fault Monet?

Aren't these all so lovely?

A taste of Van Gogh's Magic!

Rue Montorgueil during the Revolution as depicted by Monet.

Recognize this? Just a little Cezanne.

I could look at photos from Orsay all the live-long day. I love them! It's such a beautiful place!


scottybecca said...

Love it! Can't believe Scotty and I didn't make it there. Something for next year, right?

scottybecca said...

Love it! Great pics. I like the one of your mom peeking out from the statue. Can't believe Scotty and I didn't make it there this year. Something for next July, right?

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