Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ca va?

What I've been up to in the past 48 hours:

- Couldn't find internet in any of the listed wifi spots yesterday morning. (Is this a problem for anyone else out there??? I always have to stick to my usual hotspots because other spots seem so unreliable! And I don't think this can be completely chocked up to my less-than-tech-savvy self.)
- Met MBA at Institut Catholique de Paris after wandering the area. The school is located right by the Luxembourg Gardens, and these gardens really are beautiful and so relaxing.
- Worked :) My fav thing to do in Paris. Kidding. I really do like having a job :) And one that can travel so easily!
- Visited a market in St. Germain des Pres. Saw the claws (or feet???) still on a chicken. Weird. Maybe a little bit gross?
- Dined with Matt on the Rue Mouffetard. We ate at a cheap, little French country place that specialized in fondue. Instead of having fondue, I had pate and chicken. It sounds boring but was yummy.
- Had the best night sleep since I've been here. This has to be somewhat due to the non-sweltering temps we're having. We could actually sleep with our windows closed without suffocating. It was great!
- Went to the boulangerie for breakfast with MBA this morning. I had a brioche and will soon experience carb overload in a big. big. big. way. There's no stopping me quite yet .....
- Worked. Again -- my favorite thing to do here!
- Had a sandwich with MBA this afternoon and explored a few new areas including a flower market and Rue Montorguiel.
- Saw a man with a beard in a leopard unitard, high heeled boots, and a brunette wig. He was getting lots of attention -- including some from me :) I just don't see things like that every day, and from the stares - I gather Paris doesn't see things like that everyday either.
- Bought a sample cheese platter from the fromagerie without knowing what any of the cheeses were.
- Survived the Metro during rush hour.
- Purchased deux baguettes from the local artisan bakery. The baguettes really were superior to the other bakeries. Impressive stuff.
- Enjoyed the bread and cheese with MBA for dinner. Too fun!
- Just saw Beth Moore on tv. In English. Crazy! Because nothing but the news and the poker channel is in English here. Random huh?


And on another note. After a bit of research, I'd like to thank all my dear friends for their concern about my safety here, but I don't think the movie Taken was based on a true story.

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