Monday, July 6, 2009

Lunching at Le Comptoir de Relais

Have you ever eaten food so succulent you feel like you must be tasting a bit of the afterlife? I remember the first time I experienced this feeling: I was tasting grapes at Lynchburg's Farmer's Market and thinking that this must be what food in Heaven will taste like. So intense. So rich. So flavorful. So 'other-than' your everyday nourishment.

This past Saturday, MBA and I headed to Le Comptoir de Relais, recommended by Kim Sunee who is one of my favorite food writers.

MBA has this amazing beef with macaroni noodles in a delicious sauce. Words do not describe this food my friends!

The best salad nicoise. Ever.

Can't you just tell it was heavenly?

And the bread! I've failed to mention that their bread was the best bread I've had yet in all of Paris. And I've had my fair share of bread everyday.

If you're ever headed to Paris, put Le Comptoirs on your list of things to do! If you're on a budget (as we are), go at lunch time. Reservations are not available at lunch. You might have to wait a bit, but it's far more fun eating amazing food in Paris than leaving a brasserie a bit disappointed.


Katie said...

Ashli, I am LOVING reading about your Parisian adventures!

Heather said...

Oh, Ash. Kim Sunee would be so proud. I know deep down that a doggie bag would not make it through customs, but a girl can wish! xo

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