Friday, July 24, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake & Marie's Other Delusions and Fancies

Versaille Day!

This is one of the first views you see as you walk up to the estate:

MBA was feeling not-so-impressed.

Until he got inside and saw this.

And all this.

And he changed his mind a bit.
I told MBA I want a garden like this one day. And by that statement, I mean that I like plants in square pots judiciously placed --- not that I need hundreds. Four or five would probably do it.
It was also a beautiful day!

Instead of starting with the palace (chateau) portion of the estate, we immediately headed to the gardens.

And there were tons and tons of gardens!

There are probably hundreds of statues strewn throughout the gardens of Versaille.

Here's a shot of just a small part of Versaille. That place is mammoth!

The gardens are endless!

Next we headed to Marie Antoinette's Estate

There were various rooms like this -- all immaculately adorned with every fringe and bobble imaginable.

Absolutely Majestic Bedrooms

Promenade with Pink Marble Columns

Pink is so fitting for her!

The exterior is pretty much all pink marble as well.

I feel a little bit awkward in pictures by myself but my mom likes to see my face -- so I oblige.

Matching wallpaper and fabric -- the French do this look so much better than anyone else.
(although I personally would never go for this yellow look. Ha!)

I'm sure you're not shocked - but I loved the regal, French interiors here.

Think: Balance and Harmony.

These intereiors weren't quite as extravagant as the Chateau itself.

Again: Balance.

Then .......
Marie's Backyard!

It's just a little ole' thang!

Kidding ........

It was really beautiful!

Next, we headed over to Marie Antoinette's "Country Estate"

It is a little bit French Country

But also a little not-so-country!

After touring the "country estate," we headed off to fantasy-land.

Where all of Marie's delusions came true!

One of our first glimpse of Fantasy-land -- where Marie played "peasant."

Despite thinking about how nutty she was, it was still pretty fantastic to see this place.

Scotty & MBA guiding the way

After touring Marie's fantasy-land, we all headed back to the front of the estate so MBA and I could view the chateau itself.

Walking and walking and walking to get back to the Chateau from Marie's fantasy-land.

Have I mentioned how huge this estate is?

Entering the Palace

Versaille's Chapel

Hall of Mirrors - It was as incredible as everyone says it is. Truly.

Despite the extravagance -- and keeping in mind the hardship the extravagance created for the French people -- it was still a treat to see Versaille. It definitely adds perspective to the French Revolution!


Brandt and Jill Waggoner said...

This is just incredible Ash! I'm so glad that it was a great tour. I only wish I were there to have you as my tour guide! Miss you!

Christina Eady said...

Your pictures are amazing! SO beautiful!

Hilary said...

Amazing! It's so much bigger than I imagined. The whole concept of royalty is really mind-boggling to me. Thanks for taking the time to post and make captions!

Cbell said...

I could just CRY... ahhh... the beauty of that place. Thanks for sharing.

Now... get out there and snap shots of those guys biking into the city! :)

Mrs. B said...


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