Friday, July 3, 2009

MBA waiting for our Crepes for Lunch
Fantastic location where we lunched on our crepes!

Church in Beauborg

Wandering the streets of Marais

Dinner by the Seine

Where all the locals are! Check out the costume party back there!
Check these guys out: dining on a private boat on the Seine. Oh. My. Word. They've got the life!

Loving every moment

Our view at the beginning of the picnic

Another view at the end of our picnic.

Pretty idyllic!


Sarah said...

Absolutely gorgeous!! You should go visit Versailles. And take tons of pictures. I've always wanted to go there.

carolyn boyer said...

oh ashli enjoy it. my favorite in all the word. i am so jealous. it is the best place ever. i have tons of recommendations if you want them, so send me a message on fb. i just sent them to a friend who is there right now.

Scotty said...

What a fun night that was! I love it that you got a picture of the homeless guy crashing the party and who ended up chatting it up with the woman dressed as a doctor.

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