Saturday, July 4, 2009

Where did I dine last night?
By the river of course! Feet dangled over the edge, breeze flowing through the air, and nasty bits of trash floating by in the current. Ha! It's pretty picturesque but not everything is that perfect.

My favorite view!
MBA soaking it all in. He held down the fort while Scotty, Rebecca, and I ventured off to take a few pictures around Notre Dame.
As we headed over to Notre Dame, we ran across this guy. Gotta love street entertainers. They bring color to life! Shortly after the skater finished, a groom-to-be dressed in a wig and ladies clothing ran through each and every cone. Groomsmen love to embarrass the groom at the bachelor party, which is called stag party over here. Europeans and their stag parties are something else!

Rebecca & Moi outside Notre Dame


Notre Dame at Sunset

Doesn't this look like a post card?
MBA gave me a rose when I returned from my jaunt to Notre Dame!

Can you believe I saw a Tennessee riverboat on the Seine???

Oh the City of Lights!


scottybecca said...

C'est tres bien!

Mrs. B said...

The photos are amazing. Keep them coming!

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