Wednesday, July 1, 2009

C'est Magique

This morning Matt ran down to our local patisserie for a baguette and was back within one minute. No exaggeration. The bakery is that close. As we sipped our espresso and checked email, we split the baguette and had the most pleasant start to our day!

Later on we met up with our good friends Scotty and Rebecca to venture on to the Institut Catholique for the guys to get registered for their course, take their tests, and do all administrative necessities. Rebecca and I lounged in the shade in the courtyard. Again, this shade and conversation in the midst of the Parisian Latin Quarter was downright pleasant.

Do you see a theme here?

For lunch, our little posse was joined by a few others and we grabbed picnic food at a local shop and headed to Luxembourg Gardens. The shade and the light summer fare was downright good. Might I call it pleasant?

Urrrrr. I can't get beyond that word. Pleasant.

After a bit of work and a bit of a nap (when was the last time I took a nap that was not jet-lag induced???), we met up with Scotty and Rebecca for sandwiches on the Rue Mouffetard. The Lebanese restaurant even put french fries inside our wrap sandwiches. I've never seen that before but it was good to have frites inside that wrap!

And can we talk about how friendly everyone is??? The French have a bad rep but I haven't come across anyone curt or rude. Everyone has been so friendly and so helpful. At the sandwich shop tonight, the owner/waiter come over and pulled up a chair to take our order. He spoke a little English. We spoke a little French. We had a few laughs. It was great. And on our way out the door when they spoke to me in French and I didn't understand, I just smiled and they tried to simplify whatever it was in French and then say a little something in English. I told them the food was tres bien.

And it was. French food and I get along great. Maybe too great??? Maybe this heat is a good thing after all-- can you sweat calories? Surely heat helps burn more fat. That is the point of Hot Yoga. Right???

MBA and I also went up to Scotty and Rebecca's flat. (After purchasing a baguette at one of the most famous bakeries in all of Paris - will report on this later!!) They live on the sixth floor of an old building and have views of the Pantheon and even the Eiffel Tower. Are there words to describe what it must be like to see the Eiffel Tower from your bed?????


The four of us ventured out of the cute little Parisian flat and wandered the Latin Quarter in search of ice cream. Italian gelato did just the trick! MBA and I split a coppa of frutta della passione and some other delectable flavor of which I had no idea what it was at the time of ordering. I now believe it to be raspberry. Whatever it was, it was good.

After splitting ways with our friends for the evening, MBA and I headed back toward our flat. I insisted upon walking along the Seine at dusk. People were out and about. It was lively. The breeze was brisk and cool and so refreshing after temps in the 90's. MBA humoured me and strolled along the Seine. We were right by Notre Dame and people were picknicking all along the river bank. Apparently, it is THE place to dine al fresco. Forget the fancy restaurants. All you need is brie and a baguette. I'm planning on doing just that for dinner tomorrow night.

And what will I be thinking?

Ceci est magique!

This town is truly, truly magical.


Heather said...

The City of Lights rocks. I am living vicariously through every word and picture. Enjoy one of my favorite places in the world, for me :) xoxoxo

Hilary said...

Can he propose to you again? This time with Paris as a backdrop? I loved reading this. I could picture everything! I'm so glad you're having the time of your life. Oh the stories for the little ones we'll have one day...:)

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