Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Loire Valley

We started our trip in the ancient town of Tours.

Our first stop on the chateaux route was Chenanceux.

But first we passed through beautiful fields of lavender, sunflowers, and vineyards.

Chenanceaux had a gorgeous chapel.

And beautiful interiors.

And lots of copper pots.

And lots and lots of Flemish tapestries.

It's nestled over the river.

And -- it is gorgeous!

And the small town it's located in oozes cuteness.

Small Town of Chenanceaux

There really is lavender everywhere!

Happy to be training in the Loire Valley


Happier to be arriving in Amboise!

Chateau Amboise

Leonarda da Vinci is buried in the Chapel at Amboise Chateau.

Just Chillin' at Beautiful Amboise

Isn't it stunning?

And the town was so charming, too!

We had these amazing crepes for lunch. Yum!

And found some fabulous chocolates for dessert.

The Loire River at Amboise & My Handsome Husband

Loving Life

Parmentier -- one of my favorite dinners so far!

When is the last time you had this for dessert???

Vineyards at the Amboise Chateau

Amboise had such a gorgeous view!

Tours was absolutely charming!

Tours Cathedral

Tours Square

Walking the Winding Streets of Tours

Absolutely lovely!


Heather said...

These pictures brought back some of my all time favorite memories of France. Best dessert of my life in Amboise!!! xo

Sarah said...

Wow. Wow. And, WOW! I'm glad you're getting to experience all of this.

Hilary said...

France is really everything I need it to be. (Sigh.)

Cbell said...

Gorgeous!!! Don't you just love the architecture? Man, oh Man!

Katie said...

These pictures are gorgeous!!!

Meghan said...

Awesome pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!

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