Wednesday, July 22, 2009


After reading about a very cool concept stored called Merci, MBA and I practically stumbled upon it in the Marais/Bastille neighborhood. One super intriguing thing about this store is that it gives all its profits (after cost) to a women's co-op in Madagascar.

Very interesting and eclectic entrance to the store.

This is part of the courtyard entrance - if you walked into that door by the bike, it would lead to their ice cream parlor. They also have a florist on-site. Let me just tell you -- there's lots of stuff going on at this store!

They even have:

New & Used Books in French and English. Score! MBA found him a little something here.

Merci also had lots of fabulous furniture and home decor. If only I could pack more than 20 kg in my suitcase home .....

I would have loved to have snagged a chandelier!

You could even buy special fabrics, buttons, and trimmings. Maybe I should have purchased some buttons .... hmmm ... they could add a bit of spice to something and easily fit into my 20 kg limit.

And I didn't even get a picture of the clothes, the perfume bar, the specialty dishes, etc. etc. etc. There's tons of stuff at this "concept store." It's definitely worth a stop if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Next time, I'll carve out a bit of time to spend at their cafe as well. Cheers!


Hilary said...

Please continue to take pics of the little details like this! Loved it!!

Cara Bergthold said...

How crazy! Did you know that I am moving to Madagascar for a couple years?!?! (As a journeyman)

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